Salvation Mountain

 ...140 miles from Salvation Mountain so I don't get out there nearly as often as I would like. 
   GOD IS LOVE The purpose of this website is to help Leonard spread his message of God Is Love, to have a site that is current and up-to-date, and to have a forum for communication. Additionally, it is to share the experience of the mountain with you even though you might not be able to visit it in person.
    Leonard appreciates receiving letters of encouragement and I hope you will write him at his Niland address. I will tell you however, so that you are not disappointed, he seldom  writes anyone back even though he wishes he could. You see, Leonard's passion isBob and Leonard the mountain and the only thing he lets distract him from it are his visitors. He is constantly working on it. Please try to understand that if he attempted to answer all of his mail, it would take time away from what he lives for -- to work on the mountain. He is "retired" and receives $249 a month social security but, this is his full-time "job" and he works very hard at it. So, with that understanding, please contact me if you have any questions regarding anything about the mountain or the surrounding facilities. If you want to plan a visit for yourself, for a  large group, to film a documentary, conduct a professional interview, etc., I can and will coordinate it with Leonard and assist you with the details.
    And finally, I would appreciate your comments about the website. I have more to add, so save as a favorite and check back often. Thanks, Bob[Back]