Salvation Mountain


The following are web pages dedicated to Salvation Mountain from people with Love in  their hearts:

Shirley Hornbeck - Many thanks to Shirley for being the first one that I am aware of to devote some of her website, for such a long time, to Leonard and Salvation Mountain. She has only recently taken it down.

Larry Harris -  Larry, an architect, is associated with the Orange Show in Houston, Texas. He led a tour group to Salvation Mountain in the Spring of 2002. 

J.R. Dunster -

Anita Roddick -  Leonard met Anita in  Baltimore, Maryland at the American Visionary Art Museum. 

other links:

Roadside America - . Roadside America is a very entertaining site. It documents places from all over the United States that are not exactly the norm. 

Deuce of Clubs - . This site is a little bizarre and irreverent in many aspects but has a decent section on Salvation Mountain. 

Bob Matheny - . The artistic site of "Flash Gallery Online" featuring artists of Bob's choise. 



Brother Frank and sisters Irene and Norma for all of the love over the years and their ever-present support.

Larry Yust - Los Angeles based screenwriter/director/producer/photographer and author of the definitive work on Salvation Mountain, Salvation Mountain - The Art of Leonard Knight

Tony Perry - writer for the Los Angeles Times - for bringing an awareness to California (and the world) of the progress and plights of Salvation Mountain.

Seymour Rosen - Director of SPACES (Saving and Preserving Arts and Cultural Environments) - for his efforts in "saving" Salvation Mountain from the bulldozers in 1994.

Rebecca Hoffberger -  founder and director of the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland - for creating an awareness and an exhibit about Salvation Mountain including Leonard's truck and what was left of his hot-air balloon. 

Anita Roddick - originator of The Body Shop - a world-wide retail operation for quality Body and Bath products. She has been a very unselfish friend to Leonard and Salvation Mountain.

Alegra Woods - owner of the New Leaf Press - publisher of Salvation Mountain - The Art of Leonard Knight.  

Roger Manley - Author of Self-Made Worlds: Visionary Folk Art Environments - for his artistic interpretation  and campaign on Leonard's behalf  during the "toxic nightmare" debacle of 1994. Roger currently works part-time as guest curator for the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore and full-time as curator of exhibitions at the Gallery of Art & Design at North Carolina State University in Raleigh.

Sherman George - director of the Media Center at The University of California, San Diego. Sherman was the one to take Leonard's "toxic" soil samples to an independent laboratory and to refute the findings of Imperial County's toxic waste "expert."

Senator Barbara Boxer - D-California - for her Congressional Record submission on behalf  of Leonard and Salvation Mountain.

Harold and Joanne Gaston - owners of Gaston's Cafe on Highway 111 in Niland - a place where Leonard was always welcome for the first cup of coffee at 5:00 in the morning and to receive phone messages. At 94 years of age, Harold retired with his wife Joanne a couple of years ago. They live in Niland. Unfortunately, the landmark Gaston's Cafe is no longer. 

Tina and Bob - for their donations of 1000's of gallons of paint when it was difficult to come by. 

All of the citizens and snowbirds of Niland, the Slabs, and surrounding areas that have continued to visit and support Leonard in his work all of these years. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You know who you are and so does Leonard. 

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